She’s badass with a big heart.
— r.h. Sin

Jen Dodson has always loved fashion and music. throughout her life, she has sampled and rocked a variety of fashion genres, which have often coincided with her latest music obsessions.

Marriage and mothering brought her into a new realm of learning how to look her best while raising her four daughters. One of her mantras has long been “the longer i breastfeed, the higher my heel.” Jen professionally started working as a stylist in 2004 when she curated workshops for new moms on how to publicly breastfeed while looking fashionable. This starting point has brought her to where she is today, an artist with a knack for eclecticism, a groupie who never stops dreaming, and a self owned woman, who thrives on living an unexpected life and encourages her clients to find their own truths and express these truths through their styles.